We believe in the power of exclusivity and how it influences our products.

We are a company specialized in transforming natural stones into art objects. Exclusive techniques combined with high technology allow us to provide solutions in Dekton and natural stones, such as marble and granite, with an already proven excellence in the design and architecture market.

In 2004, businessman Evandro Trevisan started his small business, with the mission to transform rocks into projects that would mark life stories. Time passed, the company grew, with the desire to seek qualification, excellence in results and satisfied customers. All this has made granitos.com a reference in the segment, a company that stands out in the market for its quality, agility and innovation.

Get inspired and make your projects even more sophisticated.
granitos.com has a history marked by important achievements, advances, challenges and people who motivate each project.

With exclusive techniques, high technology, investing in design and daring projects, granitos.com transforms natural stones, such as marble and granite, and also works with Silestone and Dekton, a reference in materials that have already been consolidated in the market and in the world of design. Each piece has its own unique and exclusive touch.




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